Woman Hilariously Matches Brother On Dating App And It’s Mortifying

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Picture this: you’re scrolling through your match options, filled with excitement and hope about what new opportunities await for you. That moment shatters when you stumble on a match recommendation suggesting that you and your own brother have a lot in common and should meet up!

This is literally what happened to TikTok star Brooke Averick who documented the happenstance in an adorably hilarious video.

Hinge brought up her brother Noah on her ‘most compatible’ list, suggesting they should meet.

She then jokingly goes “and we agreed, and we are already spending Thanksgiving together, and it’s going well, let me show you!”

She then drops the hard-hitting news: “And here he is and the fact of the matter is: This is my brother.” Yes, it matched her with her brother.

“We will be suing Hinge” jokes Brooke.

To be fair to Hinge, these siblings do look like they get along. So was their matching algorithm that off? Maybe not. 😂

What would you do if you got matched with your sibling? I would probably match my brother, laugh about it, and let them know that even if I weren’t his sibling, I’d still be out of his league. LOL. And then probably tell the whole family about it at Thanksgiving zoom dinner.

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H/T: NY Post

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