What You Need to Know About Sex And COVID-19

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In the span of a few weeks, life as we know it has changed drastically. Every facet of human life has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; sex, love and dating are definitely some of them.

The NYC Health department came out with some awesome information regarding COVID-19 and sex (S-E-X, remember that steamy thing we all used to go on dates to hopefully have?)

Some of us are mating with partners we live with while others aren’t getting laid at all since the self-quarantine mandates started.

Since staying home is a major theme everywhere in staying safe against this virus, leaving your house to have sex is not the best idea nor is inviting someone over for sex.

The good news, though, is that according to OBGYN, Jen Gunter, it seems universal amongst most patients to not have had any new recent sex partners, which means people are choosing safety in this pandemic over chasing nut, so that’s nice!

Moving on: the important thing is to get everyone who’s confused right now to be a little less confused by the end. Getting informed is the best way to ensure a safer outcome for everyone including you and those around you.

PSA: If you’re young and healthy, it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the rules, either!

Staying inside doesn’t just protect you from contracting the virus but it helps protect those around you from getting it, too. It’s meant to help ‘flatten the curve‘ which basically means reducing the spread as to not overwhelm the healthcare system. If everyone does their part, it helps healthcare workers do their jobs as safely as possible.

Ok, what exactly is the ‘Coronavirus’?

We’re constantly learning about it but what we do know is that the ‘Coronavirus’ (actually and scientifically called COVID-19), isn’t the only virus spreading like wildfire right now, it’s also misinformation.

People have been sharing ‘proof’ of the virus ‘existing before’ and like, yes, it’s not new, correct!

The ‘Coronavirus’ is actually the name for the umbrella group of RNA illnesses like MERS, SARS, the flu and now, COVID-19. So the ‘Coronavirus’ isn’t new but this particular Coronavirus, is.

How can I get it?

You can get COVID-19 if someone has it and sneezes or coughs within 6 feet of you. You can also get it through direct contact with COVID-19 positive saliva or mucus. Last but not least, you can get it if infected droplets land on a surface and you touch that surface then touch your face.

To add, COVID-19 has also been found in infected patient’s feces but it hasn’t yet been found in semen or vaginal fluid. And what we do know of other Coronaviruses’ is that they’re not known to be transmitted through the actual act of intercourse. But obviously, since you have to be close enough to the person to have sex, that’s where the issue comes in.

Who can I have sex with then?

Well, luckily, YOU are your safest sex partner especially if you’re taking this seriously and self-quarantining, social distancing when out and washing your hands properly!

But, really though…who can I have sex with?

The next safest sex partner is someone you live with (who should also be following pandemic safety protocols). If you live with your partner, you’re good to mate like consensual bunnies!

And if I don’t?

Unfortunately, avoiding close-quarters with people extends to the bedroom. So, even just hanging out near anyone outside of your household is to be avoided.

Sticking to video dates, sexting, porn, chat rooms, cam rooms, etc. is your best bet until the quarantine’s been lifted.

So, what do I do?

If you’re looking to fill your time, you can still ‘meet‘ people on apps like Clover! Build that rapport online with people who might also want to sleep with you too once this is over!

It gives you something to look forward to, like a pot of gold at the end of a really shitty rainbow!

Reminder: Whether or not there’s a pandemic, the risk of catching STIs and getting pregnant stays the same. Practice safe sex, always!

Don’t forget to routinely check for updates on the virus on WHO!

H/T: NYC Health Department

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