Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Actually A Turn On For Singles

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Pull out your ugly holiday sweaters, y’all because you’re gonna wanna post a few pics on your dating profile wearing them! surveyed its users to determine if ugly xmas sweaters were a yay or a nay for singles! And it turns out it’s an overwhelming yay!

Apparently, ugly holiday sweaters are a sign of someone who is laid back chill and has a sense of humor.

Survey says…

  1. 96% of those surveyed thought that they worked as a great ice breaker and convo starter!
  2. 52% believe that those who own one have a good sense of humor. 44% believe it’s a sign of openness to meeting new people while the remaining 4% believe there’s no correlation between sweaters and personality.
  3. 70% believe that sense of humor is the sexiest quality in a partner
  4. 42% of those who usually wouldn’t make the first move say they’d be more willing to break the ice with someone who’s wearing an ugly holiday sweater. I guess it’s disarming and something to break the ice with!
  5. 78% believe that those that don’t participate in an ugly sweater-themed party (virtual or IRL) is a sign of close-mindedness. In other words, you’re a party pooper, I guess.

Are you a fan of ugly holiday sweaters or are you a “party pooper”? Not gonna lie, I probably side closest to being a party pooper. Except now that I know ugly holiday sweaters are so 🔥 on dating apps, that might change my mind. WHERE IS THE CLOSEST UGLY SWEATER SALE?!

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