‘Thunberging’ Is A Dating Trend That Actually Isn’t Trash

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So far this year, we’ve talked about stashing, whelming and letting go of toxic behaviors; the classics like ghosting, houseplanting, caspering and even cloaking, from the trends of years past.

We’re only dating with our brains this year, betches.

Coined by OkCupid, ‘Thunberging’ is when singles bond over their passion for the cause of climate change, which, duh!

Why was this term even coined?

In the last 2 years, there’s been a 240% increase in talks of climate change and other environmental key phrases on profiles, says the site. In 2019, there was an 800% increase in the mentions of Greta Thunberg, specifically which is absolutely bonkers but not surprising.

‘With climate change becoming a major talking point globally, we’re finding more and more people’s passion for the planet is becoming a steamy subject….within the last year alone, these singletons are matching on the basis of this topic more than ever.’

It makes sense, though. The belief in climate change has become a value that people are able to make deep connections and bonds over. Digging more into OkCupid’s research, you’ll see that 51% of their users put climate change as the single most important issue for them.

What’s the key takeaway for YOU?

If you’re a Thunberger, don’t be embarrassed to mention it in your bio! The planet is important! Caring about the future of the entire planet and everything in it isn’t something to be ashamed of.

But this data proves something even more important: that by listing the values and hobbies that are important to you right in your bio, you’d be providing an ice breaker to bond over!

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