This Woman Made A “Why I’m Single” Pamphlet To Clapback At Family Members At A Wedding

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We’ve all been in this exact situation: you’ve got a wedding or some kind of family reunion and yes, you’re still single. You’re fine with it. Your friends are fine with it. Your dog is fine with it. But for some godforsaken reason, your family isn’t fine with it.

Melissa Croce took matters into her own hands this summer for her cousin’s wedding by creating a pamphlet to hand out to all her family members who inevitably ask the “so, why are you single in NYC again?” question.

Dreading the small talk at an event like this, she took the initiative to create this pamphlet that covers all the small talk bases:

Twitter @melissacroce

She even created a “choose your own adventure” flow chart full of shade and hilarity.

RIP Aunt Carol. She’s not actually dead, she just got roasted hard by Melissa.

Twitter @melissacroce

She doesn’t just talk about why she’s single, though. She also talks about what she does.

Because family members LOVE to go “so, you…like, work for the internet, right?” When you do anything outside the traditional careers (doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, engineer, etc.)

Twitter @melissacroce

She told Buzzfeed that even though she didn’t actually hand them out at the wedding, people actually loved it!

Many wanted me to make them one for their own family events. What surprised me were people online who related to it and told me so, especially those who seemed to feel a bit like outcasts in their families. I hadn’t thought about it when I made it, but this is definitely a relatable thing — going to a big event and exposing the basics of your life to people who mean well, but are also strangers in many ways.”

Melissa Croce

This is honestly one of the funniest ways to deal with a situation like this! But until we all get the balls to hand out these pamphlets to our annoying family members, we’ll just chug wine instead.

Us at literally any family gathering:

H/T: Buzzfeed

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