This Summer’s Getting Hot As Singles Look For Vaccinated Partners

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Hot Girl Summer’s cousin with a pandemic twist is on its way to a neighborhood near you! Yes, Hot Vax Summer. If you thought Hot Vax Summer was going to come and go quietly, you were wrong. And if you thought it wasn’t going to even be a thing, you were also wrong! In fact, new data from says that most singles are looking for vaccinated partners!

Even though online dating didn’t really change much except for more people giving it a shot, you can’t deny the effect the pandemic has had on dating as a whole.

According to’s survey, this is where their polled audience stands:

  • More than 86% of people polled said they’re looking for a vaccinated partner.
  • 53% of those surveyed felt they look forward to getting vaccinated to get their dating lives back to normal.
  • 3 out of 5 respondents confessed they’re planning to be more spontaneous this summer.
  • 77% said they aren’t interested in settling down this summer.
  • Of those vaccinated, upward of 70% said they put “vaccinated” in their dating profiles.

Wondering how to have a spicy summer while still being safe?

  1. Be honest and open. If you’re not vaccinated and your partner would want to know that information, let them know so they can fully consent to what is happening.
  2. Try one of these “post-pandemic” first date ideas!
  3. Just because you’re vaccinated (fully or not) doesn’t mean it’s carte blanche to do what you want, follow CDC guidelines.
  4. More importantly, be safe and stay informed to make proper choices!

H/T: PR Newswire

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