This Is What People Assume About You When They See Your Dating Profile

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I’m sorry to say but whoever said first impressions are important was kinda right especially in the era of online dating. Whether or not you two meet, really relies on a first impression created by your bio, your pics, and/or your opening message.

Most standard dating apps only have a few ways for someone to put their best self forward. They basically just have photos and a few words in a bio to explain who they are in a nutshell.

Even though this provides enough information to be comfortable reaching out to someone, it’s how you reach out that matters. And combined with your profile and bio, helps form an idea of who you are in real life. Hell, in the first few seconds of meeting someone (even digitally), humans will try and gauge things like whether or not someone is trustworthy, dateable, or successful!

Here are some things people will assume about you with a glance at your profile:

1. If you’re dateable

A recent study showed that people on dating apps quickly determine how dateable you are based on your pictures alone!

It also showed that if you come across “more extroverted, open to new experiences, emotionally stable, and likable”, you’d have more success on a dating app.

On the flip side, women who seemed more ambitious and competent weren’t as successful dating online, while those characteristics helped men find success (surprise, surprise. Translation: not surprised at all).

2. If you’re dominant


Heads up (get it?), if you’re bald people are more likely to assume you’re more dominant says a 2012 study from the University of Pennsylvania.

3. If you’re successful

Now, I’m not saying go and get the one suit hanging in your closet tailored but apparently, men in tailored suits look more successful than men in suits off the rack.

A 2013 British-Turkish study was conducted where people would look at photos of men in tailored suits and in off the rack suits and only had 5 seconds. Lo and behold, the guys in tailored suits were deemed to be more successful!

So, if you’ve got the disposable income, go for it! No one’s ever looked bad in a tailored suit.

4. If you’re trustworthy

People decide if you’re trustworthy in one TENTH of a second! That means when looking at your dating profile, it takes the average person one tenth of a second to decide whether or not they’re going to trust you enough to match with you or message you. This reason is the main reason why first impressions are EVERYTHING on dating apps. Trust is key!

Take this knowledge and go on your quest to find whatever it is that you’re looking for!

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