This Is The Most Popular Wedding Movie In Your State According To Most Searched Data

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Being a hopeless romantic is already hard enough. Not only is it hard to find other people like you but it’s even harder to convince the person you’re seeing to sit down and watch a sappy and lovey wedding movie with you.

Here’s the solution: come equipped with this data to defend why they should watch it. Then it’s basically a given that they have to. It’s data science and science is rarely wrong. *pushes glasses up bridge of nose*

The Black Tux collected some interesting nibs of data since wedding season is upon us and found out what wedding movie is the most popular in each state.

This is how they did it: they built out a list of popular moves from the “best of” lists featured on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. On top of that list, however, they added their own “best of” list featuring a total of 100 movies. They also used Google Trends to look at search data by state from 2018-2019 to determine which wedding movie was the most searched for in that time frame in each state.

The results of this data proves that most 50 states have a personality of their own with its own preferences. Check it out for yourself in this neat little infographic:

The Top Searched Wedding Movie In Every State


  1. Alabama, I should’ve guessed your top searched wedding movie would be Sweet Home Alabama.
  2. How is Scarface a wedding movie? Can someone explain this to me? Texas, y’all are wild man LOL.

They also gave us some cool data to see which wedding movies in the US are the most popular based on which movie was searched for the most across all states.

The Top Searched-For Wedding Movies In The U.S.

Source: The Black Tux

Are any of you surprised that Love Actually is number 1? Because I sure as hell am not. Best. Wedding. Movie. Ever. Don’t @me 😂😂

What do you think of these lists? Let us know in the comments!!

H/T: The Black Tux

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