This Is The Most Popular Date Night Idea In Your City According To New Data

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When you hear the sentence “dinner and a show”, you immediately think of the perfect date night combo.

It’s like the peanut butter and jelly of a classic date night. How could you ever go wrong with the peanut butter and jelly equivalent of a date?

You can’t.

Well, new data has emerged from Capital One and Vivid Seats to shed some light on what the most popular “dinner and a show” combos are in each American city. This comes at an opportune time because of Capital One’s Savor card where you receive 8% cash back earned on all Vivid Seats purchases made!

They gathered the information by looking at tens of thousands of purchases throughout 2018, broken down by city. Vivid Seats tackled the show portion of the information and Capital One tackled the dinner portion.

Let’s dive in!

Source: Vivid Seats

What do you think?

A few things on my end:

  1. I’m personally shook by the Texas data. You’re in a state that arguably makes some of the best BBQ and you go for salad? That’s some sort of sorcery!
  2. San Diego, the fact that the most popular thing to eat there is a sandwich/wrap makes me think it’s safe to assume that a lot of men aren’t bearded in that city. If they were, I feel like their choice in food would be a lot less messy and more beard-friendly 😂

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H/T: Vivid Seats

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