This Bachelorette Guest Sets Ground Rules For Vegas And Can You Unfriend People IRL?

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Okay, so, here’s the scoop. This list of rules was circulated before a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. No, it wasn’t sent by a bridezilla, it was sent by a guest.

According to the Twitter thread, this guest guilted her way into getting an invite. Not only was she not initially invited, but she then decided to bulldoze the entire bachelorette by setting ground rules that will bamboozle the eff out of you.

If you think of a bachelorette in Vegas and you immediately think of booze, pool parties, men, women, strip clubs, gambling, etc, seeing as it’s literally called SIN CITY.

So buckle up, cause you’re gonna go on a wild ride (and by wild, I mean the literal opposite of that).

Source: Twitter / @clapifyoulikeme
Source: Twitter / @clapifyoulikeme
Source: Twitter / @clapifyoulikeme

Now let’s dissect this. There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to partake in ‘sinful’ Vegas activities for whatever reasons, whether it be religious or otherwise. You should never feel forced to partake in things that make you uncomfortable or with things that go against your values.

But, at least approach this entire thing as a conversation as opposed to a list of rules that your friends have to absolutely abide by when it isn’t even your bachelorette party to begin with!

The most reasonable rule in this entire list is the one about random men coming over. If you don’t want random men coming over, that’s cool. Then maybe get your own room or at least have that discussion with the group of girls you’re going with to see if you can come to a compromise! But this?? Damn.

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H/T: Twitter @clapifyoulikeme

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