These Are Some Dating Terms All Singles Need To Know For 2020

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Let’s look back on 2019: we’ve had so many different dating terms thrown our way throughout the year that I’ve personally lost count. Pretty sure there was a new one every week, it felt like that anyway.

From ghosting, to caspering, to cloaking, to houseplanting, to even Ariana Grandeing! So, what’s in store for 2020?

Here are some new dating trends to be aware of this 2020!


For those of you who watch the popular show, Fleabag, this term is derived from that exact show, which should be a big hint for you toward figuring out what it means.

It basically means attracting and dating the wrong type…all the time. Which LORD KNOWS, I’ve done.

According to data from Plenty of Fish, fleabagging is way more common with women than it is for men! 63% of women admitted to fleabagging meanwhile it’s only affected 38% of men.


It’s like that ‘hey, you up?’ message from your ex, except it’s to ask you to donate to their marathon for the cure. 47% of singles have experienced this charity-based dating phenomenon, and I guess it’s better than your ex texting you to tell you he misses you? I mean, that’s my own personal opinion.

Dial Toning

Slightly different but similar to ghosting, dial toning is when someone gives you their number and when you text them, they simply never text you back! Totally less painful than ghosting but still disappointing.


You know when your friend starts dating someone new and they start being interested in things they would’ve never been interested in before? And then you start putting two and two together and realize they’re simply picking up on the interests of their partner. That’s what eclipsing is.

Slowly adopting the hobbies and interests of your partner is called eclipsing, which to a certain extent, is healthy!


54% of daters have been glamboozled before. It’s basically having your date plans fall through at the last minute, you know, after you spent 1.5 hours on going full glam!

Now that you’re equipped with these witty and succinct terminologies, go forth, sweet summer child, and jump into dating in the year 2020. Let’s hope it’s less messy than dating in 2019!

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