These Are Men’s Biggest Turn Offs According To The Sun And We’re ??? About It

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People can have turn offs and preferences and things they like and don’t like and that’s cool. That’s what dating around is all about. It’s about finding a person that you want and a person who wants you! But, like, this list of turn offs is just a biiiit much.

Nirpal Dhaliwal, the writer at The Sun, conducted an experiment by asking a handful of his pub-going mates for their turn offs in women. The entire point of this experiment was to figure out what men do and don’t look for in women but all I got out of it was that Nirpal needs new mates. ‘Cause, like, one even said he at one point “would rather have sex with the lollipop lady than my wife”

1. Women who are interested in football

Wait, HOLD THE PHONE. I thought I was supposed to take interest in things that interest men or they’d NEVER marry me. That’s literally what women are raised to believe, but now…WHAT DO I DO?!

2. Women who swear or who “act manly”

Ok. What on God’s climate-changing earth does this even mean? Like, I know what it means but I’m a grown woman and I’ll swear like a sailor if I want to and I’ll carry you over the threshold.

3. Women who ‘have a bush’ when they’re in their 20s

Pubes are pubes are pubes. You’ve got a preference? Awesome! Let’s just hope that the person you’re interested in also prefers their pubes that way, but if they don’t? That’s ok, don’t make them feel bad about it. Just find someone else who aligns with your preferences!

4. Women who wear badly applied makeup

Listen, you give contour a try and see how good you are at it. Damn, dude😂

5. ‘Childbirth turned her vagina into a factory’

Ok, so you witnessed your wife give birth to your children and you’re turned off? Alright, well, just remember she dilated 10 cms and pushed out a living, breathing human being into this world. You’d have to pay me good money to look at a penis the same way after that 😂😂😂

Best part though? This quote.

“I realised then that my girlfriend’s vagina isn’t a playground — it’s a factory.”

Nirpal’s Friend

Which like, isn’t a totally bad realization. I’ll give him this one ’cause he’s right. Your girlfriends vagina isn’t a playground for anyone’s pleasure but her own.

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