There’s A New Dating App Based Off Poop: ‘Cheek2Cheek’

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Bidet company ‘Tushy’ just launched a poop-based dating app that connects singles to each other using, yes, their poop. Not in the way you think, but still pretty damn out there.

Targeted at ‘fecal aficionados’, Cheek2Cheek will pair people up based on their comfort level with poop! Users will be able to take pics of themselves on their own ivory throne and even share pics of, yes, their poop.

This poop-based dating app is also a regular dating app, though!

With the added risk of running into poop pics, toilet pics and the sort! Users beware!

“With Cheek2Cheek you will be able to meet someone with a similar comfortability level about pooping as you. You can also find someone with the same sized/shaped poops as you, bathroom etiquette as you or just someone experiencing similar gut/butt health issues.”

Miki Agrawal, Tushy Founder

Funnily enough, studies show that farting in front of your partner is healthy

In fact, 29% of people surveyed between the ages of 20-30 said that they let it all out between 2 and 6 months into the relationship! 7% said they would never, EVER fart in front of their partner. However, Jamie Hergrenrader, editor for Women’s Health, believes it builds stronger relationships!

So, if you have the gas, toot away! And if you blame it on strengthening the relationship, your partner really can’t get too mad at you 😂

So maybe finding your poop-mate might work for some people!

And for everyone else who isn’t “into poop”, there’s always Clover!

No poops, no toilets, nothing! Promise!

Try a poop-free experience here!

H/T: NY Daily News

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