The 10 Most Annoying Lines People Need To Stop Using In Dating Bios

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Listing your interests and quirky lines to make your profile unique is a big YES in our books. The big NO is mentioning a unique interest (that isn’t actually all that unique), which just further blurs you into with the rest! Showcase your authentic and true, fine ass self and the bees’ll come buzzing.

Avoid these annoying dating app tag lines that are SOOOO 2016 and make sure you stand out from the crowd instead. Dig deep, you’ve got this.

1. Listing general things all humans like doing, as things that you and only you specifically like doing

Example: “I’m just here looking for a fun time, I love to laugh and have a good time.”

Who doesn’t like laughing and having a good time? That statement is useless. What’s important is listing the specific things that make you laugh and make you have a good time! That way you can hopefully find someone who likes doing those things too (or who likes being tortured), either way it’s a win-win!

2. Mentioning in your dating app bio that you aren’t that great at replying to your messages

You’re on a dating app. If you’re not there to actually interact with people and get to know people on a basic level, maybe get better at responding or maybe you should just delete it altogether?

Being rude isn’t a personality, thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

3. ‘What up’

Need I say more? Absolutely useless, it’s a question in a bio. USELESS.

4. ‘Here for a good time, not a long time’

UGH, we get it, you’re just here to get laid. BUT, the good thing about this is at least they’re being honest that they’re just looking for somewhere to keep their — never mind, you get it.

The issue still is that a trillion other people on apps are using that line in their bios too! Come up with something more clever and funny, at least!

5. ‘Looking for my ride or die’

Firstly, what does that even really mean? Personally, I find that a bit intimidating. I don’t even know you yet and you want me to potentially die with you and I get that’s basically what marriage is but like…can we talk about that on like at least the 5th date? Yafeel?

6. Anything generically fandom based

Example: Looking for the Riker to my Picard or Looking for the Jim to my Pam or Looking for my Luke Skywalk–wait a minute.

Please mention you love a fandom! Shout it out on the rooftops! What you shouldn’t do is just say the same damn line literally everyone who loves that would say. STAND THE HELL OUT!

7. ‘I enjoy travel’

Okay, who doesn’t? Ok jk some people probably don’t, but for real you can mention you enjoy traveling in a WAY cooler way. Maybe use a funny story that happened to you on your travels in your bio? Include a bunch of pics from your trips without needing to mention you liking traveling in your bio!

8. ‘Looking for my partner in crime’

Again, Susan, we all know you ain’t doing any crime, okay? The only crime you commit daily is leaving the house lookin’ fine as hell, alright?

9. Mentioning you’re ‘self-employed’ but work for Uber or something similar

You’re a hustler, we get it. You make your own hours and you can totally mention that! But y’all definitely don’t work for yourself. And why do we feel the need to use specific words to make ourselves sound “better.”

It’s okay to tell the truth about what we do and who we really are. Who you really are is already better. And if what you do and who you are makes you happy, you should look for someone who will also be happy with it.

That’ll be $200 for the 5 minutes of therapeutic knowledge I just dropped on y’all.

10. Stop mentioning tacos

Please for the love of tacos, stop mentioning how much you love tacos. In fact, Vox even goes into detail on this phenomenon of people being obsessed with tacos on dating apps.

It’s literally as cliche as pumpkin spice lattes at this point. Everyone and their mom loves that shit, you ain’t cute.

Mention something like “You must be patient, example: if we go hiking near a river, I’ll def spend over an hour trying to catch frogs. I need someone who’s okay with that and will help me in my mission.”

Now, that’s hella cute and more telling of who you are as a person.


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