‘Stashing’ Might Very Well Be The Meanest Dating Trend Yet

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If you haven’t seen the TikTok trend of people lipsyncing to the song Questions Part 3, where have you been? But anyway, the video describes dating someone who hides them from the world. And because of that, the term ‘stashing’ is making its rounds again since its creation in 2017.

So, we’re making a friendly public service announcement to LET THAT TOXIC SHIT GO!

Let’s let go of super toxic dating trends (we made a group pact here).

Have you ever dated someone who enjoys you one-on-one but never makes plans to introduce you to their friends or family or seems to keep you suspiciously off their social media? Like, did they just post a pic of their dinner, cropping you out strategically in the corner, and they never seem to ever tag you to make your presence known to people??? Because that’s a definite ‘stashing’ red flag.

Coined by Metro UK writer, Ellen Scott, this is her definition of stashing:

“Stashing is a super fun dating trend in which someone is dating someone else, but has decided to hide them away from everyone in their life… A victim of stashing is hidden from every other part of the stasher’s life – from their tagged photos to their casual chats with their parents. Why? Because that way, they’re able to pretend that they’re not really dating the person they’re stashing, meaning they can justify getting with other people, doing whatever they fancy, and being generally inconsiderate and awful.”

Ellen Scott, creator of ‘stashing’

How do we put an end to stashing?

Honestly, honesty. Instead of stashing someone, everyone needs to be honest about their intentions so that we meet people who are right for us. Meeting awesome people we get along with who want something completely different than we do is a waste of time.

That’s why the intentions on Clover are so important. You know what someone’s looking for before having to strike up a conversation with them, saving everyone time and a potential slew of messy, hurt feelings!

Let’s just not make other people feel like shit this year, okay? Say no to stashing!

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