Single Men With Cats Are Less Likely To Find Love On Dating Apps

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Like, but why though? It’s baffling that men with cats are deemed more negatively considering men will go out of their way to ‘dogfish‘ on their profile, because dogs bring SO much success to dating as a man.

Cats are adorable and IMO any human that can take care of a furry friend, is a sign of a nurturing, kind and compassionate person! But…I guess, a study is a study and personal opinions will differ, duh.

Let’s jump into it like a cat going at a laser pointer

So, what does the study actually say?

Colorado State University found women perceived men who held cats in their dating profile pictures were “less masculine”, “higher in neuroticism” and “less dateable”.

They showed 1,380 women between the ages of 18-24 two different photos of the same man in his 20’s. One of the photos was him holding a tabby cat and in the other he wasn’t.

Everything else about the photo and background were kept neutral to mitigate any decisions based on external factors.

The women then rated the man a variety of different attributes.

It ranged from what they thought they’d be like in person to their masculinity to even their dateability. They were also asked to keep in mind whether or not they’d form a short or long-term relationship with him.

As someone who can barely make a decision when I do have all the information, making a decision THAT big based off photo alone is tough. But the results are interesting, to note!

When he was pictured with cat, he was perceived more negatively than without it.

But, being a cat-dad has its benefits!

Even though cat dads were deemed “less dateable”, they were also seen as more open and agreeable than sans cat. They also gave off a much more outgoing and confident vibe than when pictured alone.

The age bracket is important to note; women 18-24 aren’t really looking for a baby daddy now and they could be less into the responsibility of owning a pet.

“Yet, it is important to note that these findings were influenced by whether the female viewer self-identified as a ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ person. These findings suggest that pets continue to play a role in women’s mate choices and dating preferences, but that a closer look at the effects of different species of pets is warranted.”

This implies the US may have created the narrative that cat dads are less ‘masculine’; which perpetuates a cultural preference for ‘dog men’ among most heterosexual women.

There you have it! Don’t give up on finding your purr-fect soulmate if you are in fact a cat dad!

H/T: Yahoo

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