‘Serial-Dating’ Is A No-Go Even As COVID-19 Pandemic Bubbles Expand

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Alright, so this pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of human life and there’s been talks (globally) of slow re-openings. Right now, it feels like there’s some light at the end of this deep, dark, few month-ish quarantine tunnel but what exactly does this mean for single people?

Dr. Bonnie Henry, a top doctor in British Columbia, Canada, gave some crucial dating advice all singles need to hear as things start opening up more.

Now is the time when we need to be careful, weโ€™re not out of that place where coming together in large groups is going to be safe for a while.

Dr. Bonnie Henry

But, while acknowledging how lonely and isolating quarantine can be for singles during a pandemic, Dr. Henry mentioned that “we can look at how to connect with those people who we have been talking to online”

British Columbia, in particular, is letting people expand their pandemic bubble up to around 6 people.

Even with looser restrictions popping up globally, dating has to look different for a while thanks to the virus.

Dr. Henry emphasized that it’s important to not revert back to serial-date during this time. Remember, the less people you’re exposed to, the better. Her tip? Basically old-school dating. Courtship.

Pick somebody, see if it works and then take your time

Dr. Bonnie Henry

The important thing singles need to remember is that COVID-19 is still a respiratory virus spread by droplets meaning hook ups of any kind aren’t recommended. For more on sex and COVID-19, click here.

So we went from Netflix and Chill, a classic, to what thanks to COVID-19? You’ve heard us say this before and we’re going to say it again. IT’S TIME TO GET CREATIVE, PEOPLE! This is the time to do things you wouldn’t necessarily do in ‘the norm’! Plus, did we even really like ‘the norm’ that much to begin with anyway?

Pandemic date idea #1: Go for a walk and talk

Pop in some headphones, call each other and go for a walk. The great thing about this is it works for long-distance meet-ups or you can meet up in the same area and talk to each other while also being able to see each other!

Pandemic date idea #2: Hang out in an open yard space and bring your own snacks

Have a little picnic, get a little sun, see a little cutie in real life while not being in a confined space with them. All that safe shit, you know?

Pandemic date idea #3: Buy some sidewalk chalk, meet up somewhere and spend the day drawing!

Getting creative together is an opportunity to bond on a whole different level! Doing something fun and relaxing like this can really bring out people’s true, authentic selves and isn’t that the goal of a date?

Pandemic date idea #4: Make tie-dye tees together

Need I say more? You’ll be outside, being creative, making some cool shirts together and tie-dye is LITERALLY all the rave right now. Tie-dye is also very hard to screw up so anyone can do it! Plus, if they ghost you afterward who cares! You had fun and got a cool shirt out of it. What’d we get when a guy ghosted us last ‘in the norm’? A shitty hickey we had to spend 45 minutes covering up? BOO! Creative dates FOR ๐Ÿ‘ THE ๐Ÿ‘ WIN!

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