Serena Williams Compared Losing To ‘Dating A Guy You Know Sucks’

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Yes, the Serena Williams just compared losing to ‘dating a guy that you know sucks’ which means..that yes, even Serena Williams, a badass of epic proportions has also dated regrettable people.

I mean, is that not what that would imply? So, everybody, let’s rejoice that even the great make mistakes and be kind to yourself!

We’ve all dated the worst people at times or put up with things we shouldn’t or let ourselves get toxic and self-sabotage-y, but recognizing the mistake is the first step. Learning to avoid making it again, is the next!

She made this comment after losing to Maria Sakkari at the Western and Southern Open on Tuesday, she compared the loss to a bad relationship.

We all know what a bad relationship feels like. It’s like being stuck in molasses and no one likes molasses.

“It was tough. I literally should have won that match. There was no excuse,” Williams, said.

At one point, she flung her racket into the empty stands, and also received a time violation..which, girl, I feel that. I scream into my pillow 3/7 nights, it’s okay.

“I literally put myself in this situation. You know, it’s like dating a guy that you know sucks. That’s literally what I keep doing out here. It’s like I have got to get rid of this guy. It just makes no sense. It’s frustrating.”

Serena Williams

“It was hard… I had so many opportunities to win and I have to figure that one out, like how to start winning those matches again.”

That’s what it truly is all about. How do you refocus and re-condition so you start wining those matches again? (or get out of that terrible relationship, you feel me?)

I don’t know who needs to hear this but YOU CAN DO IT! WIN THAT MATCH! LEAVE THAT TOXIC RELATIONSHIP!

H/T: Journal Pioneer

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