Self-Isolation Is Actually The Perfect Time To Try Online Dating, Experts Say

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Social distancing measures are pretty much standard across the globe right now and if you’re thinking of putting your dating life on hold, DON’T! Here’s why right now is actually the best time to date.

But think about it. How can you not want to, though?

If anything, human connection (especially emotional connection, even just companionship) is key right now. You’re isolating; you don’t want to end up feeling isolated, which is very, very easy after a prolonged period of time. Not only that, but it’s a really fun distraction from the chaotic situation around you. It can also help give you something to look forward once this is over, a hot date with a hot babe that YOU already know pretty well by this point.

So if you’ve been blowing online dating off, now’s the time to theoretically (and virtually) ‘get yourself out there’; let’s explore what the experts say and why:

More people are on dating apps now than before the COVID-19 pandemic

The Clover Dating app‘s had a 30% increase in new users since the pandemic and it’s not the only app seeing an upward trend in users, either. This trend’s seen across online dating platforms including Kinkd.

Not only has that increased (which, helloooo larger dating pool!) the time spent sliding into each other’s DMs on the dating app also increased by 38%.

Plus, how people are meeting has changed. People on Clover are setting up video dates, online gaming dates, or Netflix and Zoom dates since a 25% surge in wanting to meet at their ‘own houses’. The data reflects what real singles are living, according to Weezy from Whoreible Decisions podcast.

Just because we have to be stuck in the house, doesn’t mean that all social aspects have to be gone. Texting, video chats, and even courting can still happen. I’ve seen a bunch of people online sending cash apps for drinks, delivery orders, just like they would if they were dating in what used to be our normal.

Weezy, @whoreible_decisions @weezywtf

She also adds to “make sure you put a woman’s safety first, don’t ask for her address to send a meal, but the cash/venmo app is fine.”

Isn’t it amazing how motivational time and boredom can be in finding the love of your life?

There are so many fun virtual and creative dates you can still take part in!

Other than the obvious virtual dates that come to mind, there are so many great individuals, businesses, etc. doing really creative things with their products.

Instead of doing a regular video date, plan with your date to get the ingredients (separately) on your next emergency run for a recipe by Massimo Bottura (award-winning Chef who’s hosting FREE cooking classes on his Instagram!)

Getting creative is key during this point in time and I think that everybody should stretch that muscle and show their date how much fun this temporary moment can be.

Weezy, @whoreible_decisions @weezywtf

And if cooking isn’t your thing, but museums are, here’s a list of world-renowned museums that are hosting free virtual tours!

But why is now the right time, exactly if you can’t even meet them?

Well, isolation can make people feel very alone and staying mentally healthy is as important as staying physically healthy.

Since you can’t physically see people, virtual connection and communication can stave away those really bad feelings isolation can dig up. Reach out to friends, reach out to family, get to know some cuties, it all can help make this feel a lot less overwhelming.

Apps can be such a blanket for loneliness, almost a numbers game. But now we’re being pushed to actually connect from a deeper level, find out someone’s real interests, what makes them tick, and not just aesthetics.

Weezy, @whoreible_decisions @weezywtf

Plus, according to dating coach Rachel DeAlto, think of this self-quarantine as an “extended vetting period”.

“I like to think of dating as a funnel — you want to have a wide opening, and allow everybody within it [who meets your initial criteria] through in the beginning, but then it comes down to a smaller sub group,” explains DeAlto, “then whittle down [your matches] based on what you are really looking for.”

And this is the absolute PERFECT time to do that. You can really get a feel for who a person is if you talk to them enough!

But hooking up is a no, right?

Short answer: no hook ups! But for everything you need to know about sex and COVID-19, click here.

That’s why ‘dating’ is limited to long-distance dating for now. Get to know people now so that y’all might link up and physically go on a date when this is over later. Play the long game, baby.

*If you’re feeling alone or stir crazy, reach out to friends or family via video chat, text or call! I’m sure they crave human interaction as much as you do. And if you need to reach out to a crisis helpline, here’s a resource; remember, we’re all in this together.

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