Planning the Ultimate Post-Pandemic Date Night

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Vaccinated and ready to get back out there? We’re here to help! Whether you’re currently in a committed relationship, or you’ve just begun talking to a prospective partner, planning a post-pandemic date night can be very exciting. Beyond the anticipation of connecting with someone you care about, being able to actually go out to do so is something to be celebrated. If you’re ready to safely take the plunge and step outside for a romantic evening, use this as your guide to planning the ultimate post-pandemic date night.

Consider Common Interests

First things first, you’ll want to plan your night around activities that both you and your date will enjoy. Even if you aren’t officially a “couple” yet, make sure you consider your partner’s interests as much as you consider your own. To help you nail down which option will be the best for you and your date, we’ve broken down our ideas into categories that are sure to please every different kind of couple!

Elevated date

A safe bet for anyone planning a post-pandemic date is to go with an elevated upscale dining experience. Everyone loves to have a reason to dress up, and since most of us haven’t had an excuse to do so in 2020, now is your chance! Make a reservation at a local restaurant that has four or more stars, and be sure to check the reviews as well. You can also get a very good sense of the dining experience by checking out their Instagram page, and scrolling through the photos they’re tagged in.

Next, have the night be black tie mandatory and try to keep your outfit choices hidden from your date for an extra surprise factor. Since most of us have not had a reason to dress up in a while, now is the time to splurge on a date night fit to remember. Guys can choose to rent a tux for the evening, or go the vintage route and find mix and match items from a local thrift store. Then, consider finishing things off with a classic slip on loafer to keep things trendy yet classy. Ladies, on the other hand, can never go wrong with a long slip dress, or any outfit that will allow for high heels. To create a silhouette fit for any date night, layer the look with contouring shapewear as this will help make any outfit you settle on all the more eye-catching. Really try to have some fun putting a formal look together that you wouldn’t have been able to wear last year. Dressing to the nines will set the stage for an elevated post-pandemic date night to remember.

For the “chill” date

Even if you consider yourself to be more on the chill side when it comes to date night, there are still ways to celebrate post-pandemic outings in a low-key way. What’s our favorite chill date night option you ask? A picnic! Glamorized picnics have become widely popular over the last several months, and there’s no denying that they can create a dreamy, yet calming atmosphere to share with someone you love. Look for glam picnic ideas on Pinterest to spark some inspiration, and then get to planning!

An easy place to start to make your chill picnic date more unique is by randomly dividing up each course of your meal between you and your partner. For example, if you plan to tackle the appetizer and the dessert, your date can cover the drinks and the main course! This will serve as another way to add an element of surprise to the date, making the experience all the more unforgettable. Once the food is nailed down, grab your favorite picnic blanket, a few decorations, and some pillows to create an ambience worthy of a post-pandemic date.

For the “spontaneous” date

Sometimes, the best way to plan an ultimate date night is to not plan anything at all. And by that we mean, plan to be spontaneous. A bit of an oxymoron, right? Luckily, TikTok has come up with a few spontaneous-based date night ideas that you have to try post-pandemic if you haven’t yet already

  • The Target Challenge: While this date night idea by no means has to be Target specific, it does involve some shopping! Take to a local convenience store with your date, set a timer for 30 minutes, and pick out these items for your partner:
  • Their favorite drink
  • Their favorite snack
  • Something that’s their favorite color
  • Something that reminds you of them
  • Something new you want to try with them

Hide the items from each other on the car ride home and spend the rest of the evening enjoying what you’ve picked out for each other!

  • The Restaurant Challenge: Previously created as a way to hit up multiple fast food restaurants, this challenge allows you and your partner to randomly select a different restaurant location for each part of your meal. You can divvy up the location choices evenly, or play rock paper scissors each time you travel to a new eatery! The point is to be spontaneous and experience food and drink from as many different places as possible.

No matter what kind of outing you prefer, we hope that at least one of the ideas we’ve outlined in this guide makes you excited for your next date night! As we start to come out on the other side of the pandemic, planning for a romantic evening out is just one of the many fun things we all have to look forward to in the coming months.

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