People Are Using The Coronavirus As A Pick-Up Line On Dating Apps And It’s Interesting To Say The Least

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Have any of you read Love In The Time Of Cholera? Well, now you can read Love In The Time Of Coronavirus: A Single’s Guide To Dating During An Outbreak, it’s the shorter, more listicle style modern take on dating in such a weird time.

For real though, there are people out here using the coronavirus AKA COVID-19 as a pick up line. If you heard a smack right now, that was me facepalming. To be fair, the coronavirus is motivating people to use dating apps more, says data from KinkD!

But, the coronavirus isn’t what’s funny, what’s funny is the ridiculousness of people using this to get laid. I mean, at least it’s more creative than a ‘heyyyy’, I guess? Let’s go through a few examples

1. This person who is literally using the coronavirus’ likeness to get laid

Listen, all I know is I want to bang something that leaves me aching in the good way okay, not this.

2. Or this person’s elaborate pick up line on Bumble

Honestly, you can’t not help but respect the effort it took to craft that clever line. It sounds pretty damn good to me and DON’T LIE IT SOUNDS GOOD TO YOU TOO, ADMIT IT. But avoiding close personal contact with strangers is actually best to not contract the virus, so just text on the app until then!

Source: Business Insider

3. Or this guy with this LOL-worthy philanthropic take

Source: Business Insider

4. And last but not least, this Hinge user who doesn’t think they’re asking for too much, certainly!

Using humor as a coping mechanism is a trick we ALL know too well, we do it every day with the shit we see in the news. We wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work, I guess! Now, RE: coronavirus remember to wash your hands throughout the day, stay well-informed, fact check everything, and be kind to one another in during this outbreak!

H/T Business Insider

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