People Are Using Instagram’s “Close Friends” Feature To Announce New Relationships And It’s Kinda Cute

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So, now that I think of it, pretty sure not too long ago the best way to “reveal” your new (and def hotter than your ex) boo was by tossing a pic up on Instagram with some witty comment to let everyone know you were no longer on the market. Well, think of that, but using Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature! Apparently, the feature is being used to basically “soft reveal” the creation of a new relationship!

This feature basically let’s you pick a group of people to label as your “Close Friends” and whatever story is uploaded to “Close Friends” will only be seen by the people you’ve listed.

The intended purpose of the “Close Friends” feature is to give the user a place to be completely themselves. Public profiles are literally open to ANYONE so that “Close Friends” list gives you that venue to throw share-worthy things you might not want everyone to see.

Ok, and why?

Well, listen, the fear of commitment, distrust in the institution of marriages after seeing our parents go through divorces etc, is shit that is PALPABLE up in 2019, is it not?! This has definitely begun to become a trend so the “Close Friends” trick is just a symptom of that.

The Instagram story is the perfect place to announce a new relationship when you’re just a bit skeptical or afraid of jumping TOTALLY head first. The story only lasts 24 hours, you can restrict who sees it, and it’s now up on social media-ish, which is a pretty serious step in the new relationship journey.

If it goes sour? He was a blip in a 24 hour story only a few people chosen by you could see. That’s it!

It’s almost like a magic trick and that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s solidifying your relationship a teeeeensy bit more AND it has a safety net. What’s not to love? And listen, some of us need that safety net (I know, I do), so, use it boo! Go at your own pace. Set your own boundaries.

Does being “Instagram official” even matter anymore?

Turns out, it doesn’t! A July 2019 survey of 139 Bustle Digital Group readers discovered that 50% of them thought becoming “Instagram official” wasn’t important. Only 36% still held becoming “Instagram official” as an important milestone in the relationship. The rest answered differently.

Do you think becoming “Instagram official” is important? Would you use your “Close Friends” list for your relationship reveal? Let us know!

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