Pandemic Love: How The Coronavirus Affected Dating Behaviors

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Back when the coronavirus first reared its ugly head, we wrote a guide on how to date during the pandemic. Now, months into it we have a much better understanding of the impact its had on dating behaviors as we gather more information on changes caused by the pandemic.

To start off with a few examples: STI rates went down while dating app usage went up, video dating increased, and people even got serious FASTER because of the coronavirus.

These are just a few of the behavior changes caused by this global pandemic…what are some others, though? Let’s jump into it

1. People got more serious about what they’re looking for during the pandemic

The existential dread and reminder of how fragile life is every single day probably had a huge role to play in the increase in how many people are looking for a more serious relationship. In fact, 53% of dating app users surveyed said they’d gotten more serious in finding a relationship.

2. People are reprioritizing what they’re looking for in a partner

45% said that they are putting less of an emphasis on physical attraction than they were before the pandemic. Something that people usually emphasized on dating apps, pre-pandemic.

52% of people said they’re actively re-evaluating what they’re looking for in a partner and 59% said they’ve broadened their horizons for potential partners.

Broadening the search by expanding your horizons and changing your ‘checklist’ in a partner might actually make for better, stronger, longer-lasting relationships. The less you focus on the physical, though physical chemistry and attraction is important, the more of a stronger foundation you have for any long-haul relationship.

3. The pandemic slowed dating down while simultaneously speeding it up

Video dating has sped dating up by a lot. In fact, data shows that it takes only 30 seconds to know if you ‘click’ with someone on a video date! Plus, as mentioned earlier, couples got serious faster!

But it also simultaneously slowed dating down; people are actually taking a more prolonged approach to dating since seeing each other in person isn’t the safest option. Getting to know each other deeply and more intimately seems to be the goal of dating during a pandemic. 63% reported spending more time getting to know potential partners, and 69% reported being more honest. 

It is important to note that a sizable minority of singles didn’t take the opportunity to connect more deeply with matches. It is possible that some thought that since meeting in-person wasn’t an option, it feels kind of like a waste of time. This speculation is important to note!

5. Some exes didn’t stay exes!

While most people explored opportunities online, away from the clutches of their exes, some people actually did go back to an ex because of the pandemic! 10% actually rekindled an old flame while 25% reported that an ex reached out.

This more serious, slower tone to dating is definitely new from the ‘swiping fatigue’ dating we all know too well. If this continues, dating may be changed forever (for the better, in our opinion).

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H/T: Psychology Today

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