Online Dating Has Gone Up Since The Pandemic But Have STI Rates Gone Down?

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increase in dating app usage across different apps including a 30% surge of new users on Clover!

The question is, however, have people actually been social distancing and ‘only getting to know each other online’? What’s actually been happening in the world of dating since the pandemic?

We polled our Instagram followers (hey guys!👋) to get a better pulse on the dating scene. 88% said they were quarantining solo, 69% ended up getting zumped at some point and a whopping 90% think dating has been forever changed by COVID-19!

Now, to figure out if people are actually social distancing properly and if that’s the reason for the STI drop; well, 83% of those polled had said they’d still be safe even as restrictions lessen.

In fact, during quarantine, OBGYN, Jen Gunter mentioned most patients seemed to not have had any new sexual partners! Now? There’s data from southwest Colorado and northwest New Mexico that suggests STI rates have dropped with fewer in-person interactions. This suggests people are being safe…

But only 57% agreed that they wouldn’t date someone who isn’t taking social distancing seriously…so, are people hooking up less?

Not necessarily! There are a few factors that could be contributing to this drop in STI rates, let’s dig into it.

Cases decreasing might make it seem like people aren’t hooking up at the same rate this time last year

And although that may very well be the case, it might not necessarily be the only reason why.

“Our rates are down from last year at this time, but with stay-at-home orders, we’re concerned people are not seeking testing and treatment they might need.”

Claire Ninde, spokeswoman for San Juan Basin Public Health.

People are trying to avoid the hospital/clinic as much as possible. In fact, that’s arguably the place people should be avoiding the most to help flatten the curve.

San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) believes that people may be hooking up less since the coronavirus pandemic has limited people’s opportunities. But it’s important to note the limited access to preventative care like STI screenings, too.

Although fewer people are getting care to help do their part to flatten the curve, SJBPH reminds people that they still offer STI testing services, treatment, PrEP (HIV prevention medication) and free condoms.

If you’re not in the San Juan area, contact your local healthcare resources to get an appointment!

Friendly reminder: wear a mask to your appointment (if you have one available) as a courtesy to other people and protection for yourself and bring disinfectant!

H/T: The Durango Herald

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