Online Dating Fatigue Can Be Avoided, Here’s How

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Dating online sounds pretty easy. Download Clover, make a basic profile, upload a few pics and bam the hunnies come running like Sephora’s having a 50% off sale. In an ideal world, yeah, but when has the world ever been ideal? Unfortunately, online dating fatigue is a very real thing, the solution? Optimize your experience to set you up for success while avoiding dating app burnout! Let’s go:

1. Make an effort to create the most representative profile of yourself

The first tip to avoid online dating fatigue is to create a solid profile right off the bat. Creating a profile may take 5 minutes or 30 minutes, but take that time to curate all the best pictures that accurately depict your personality, your looks and your lifestyle.

And for the love of everything good in the world, WRITE 👏 A 👏 BIO. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the Clover app and you’re just one of them, so do what you can to stand out. Plus, it gives people something to work with when they’re trying to craft a clever message to catch your eye.

2. Set boundaries for your dating app

Just as its healthy to set boundaries with the people you interact with offline, it’s super important to set boundaries with dating apps or else you’ll end up feeling like dating is a total chore.

Here are some helpful boundaries to set to avoid online dating fatigue:

  1. Edit your push notifications
  2. Set a daily or weekly time limit dedicated to the dating app
  3. Choose to talk to 1-3 people at any given time
  4. Be on the app with intent to meet in real life, which leads me to my next point.

3. Make👏dates👏 in👏real👏life

Make sure you don’t get caught in the dating app texting cycle where you end up creating the perfect persona of them in your head, when in reality they could be very different. This can totally be avoided by getting to know them for a few days and asking to grab coffee at your local joint! The faster you meet in person, the less time you waste!

4. Reflect on your dating style

Online dating fatigue can be a result of your dating style, too! If you approach online dating in the same manner each time, you’re bound to get bored. Naturally, we assume the date was trash because it was the date’s fault, when in reality, you may just need to switch up your dating style to make it feel fresh and fun again!

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What do I usually do when I meet someone? What new behaviors do I want to try out instead?
  2. Am I as honest as I want to be in my head?
  3. Do I tell them my feelings and needs properly?
  4. Do I share too much or do I listen too much?
  5. What do I want to change for myself that I can practice during this date?

5. Take more breaks because dating app burnout sucks

You don’t HAVE to be looking for a potential match on the daily. Chill out. The app will still be there and so will the ample number of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. If you don’t feel like interacting with any humans, you don’t have to!

6. Look at every date in a positive manner and appreciate them for what they are: experiences

Humans have a habit of latching on to the negatives (to be fair, the negatives are usually so much funnier). As a result, you start getting more and more jaded. If you’re feeling negative about dating, it’s definitely a symptom of online dating fatigue.

So, first thing’s first: stop that and Grande your way out of it instead!

After every “failed” date, walk away from each experience with gratitude and appreciation of having met someone new even if they weren’t right for you. Meeting new people should be fun, even if it leads to nowhere!

7. Don’t forget to still put yourself out there with people offline

See a cutie waiting for their Starbucks order? Prolong eye contact, smile at them, chat them up, you know, the usual. Just because you’re dating online doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone in an organic setting.

This not only helps speed up the process of finding someone buuuut it’ll add a little fun variety into the mix!

8. Be selective and intentional with your time on the app

Be on the app to be on the app. Online dating fatigue feeds off of behavior like swiping for the sake of swiping or messaging 25+ people just because you’re bored with no intention to ever respond back because it’s too overwhelming.

Be intentional and make sure you’re on the app for the right reasons – because you want to be on there.

Now that you’re fully equipped, go out and get ’em, tiger! 😉

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