OMG! TikTok Voice Actor Reveals How To Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like To Other People And It’s Bonkers

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Ok, you know how you cringe at the sound of your own voice when you hear it on a recording? Like you genuinely want to yeet yourself out of your own skin because EW. Well, there’s an actual legitimate reason for that!

I used to think it was just human nature but there’s actually more to it than that, says voice actor Bob Feeser.

“I decided to share it one morning because I realized probably not a lot of people know what they actually sound like,” he told BuzzFeed. “Figured it could help an aspiring voice actor learn better control of their code maybe.”


This is why you don't like your own voice. Hearing your voice from another perspective is unfamiliar. ##voiceactor ##voiceactingtips ##learnontiktok

♬ How to look like a lizard – bobfeeser_voiceactor

It’s as easy as looking like a bearded dragon for a couple of seconds but it genuinely works!

Some people were happy (including myself) that they didn’t sound as bad as they thought they did. My voice sounded less deep than it usually did but not as high pitched as it comes across on recording, either.

So, why do people sound differently to other people?

Greg Foot explains that you can hear your voice in two ways actually:

  1. Through vibrating sound waves hitting your ear drum, which is the way other people hear you speak
  2. Through vibrations inside your skull that are set off by your vocal chords. Those vibrations then travel through your skull and again vibrate the ear drum. But as the vibrations travel through, they spread out and get lower in pitch which means that YOU get a false sense of bass.

That’s why when you hear a recording, it doesn’t sound as deep and it sounds much higher pitched! And that’s also why when you use your hands to block the extra vibrations, you can hear what your true voice sounds like to other people.

Try it for yourself! Were you pleasantly surprised or nah? Let us know! Don’t forget to share!

H/T: Buzzfeed + Bob Feeser

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