‘Obliga-Swiping’ And ‘Collectors’ Are Some Dating Terms Making Their Rounds

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The more dating terms come out, the more I realize we’re all just children trying to relate to each other. Take Thunberging, it’s literally just a term for people talking about Greta Thunberg and climate change while datingl; but it wraps it up in a pretty package.

There are now a few new, fun terms that’ve been thrown into the mix! Have you experienced any of these recently or ever?


“Obliga-swiping,” signifies the act of searching for a match on an app. “…which is you swipe, and then you tell yourself you are doing something to find a partner, but actually you never ever take it any further,” Machin explained.

We’ve all obliga-swiped once in a while, and that’s usually a very strong sign of dating app burnout. TAKE A BREAK! And a big, big way of avoiding app burnout is by practicing intuitive dating and dating at your own pace! Trust the experts, y’all.


Now, according to Anna Machin, an anthropologist at the University of Oxford, ‘collectors’ are people who collect matches on apps with no intention of meeting.

“…there are some people who use dating apps who aren’t necessarily there to find a match, but they’re competitively seeing how many matches they get, so they’re not necessarily going to actually connect with anybody”, Machin told NBC. They’re simply there to boost their own self esteem, basically match shopping.

According to a 2016 study on Tinder, 35% of men ‘casually liked’ most profiles while 0 women did. I mean let the data speak for itself but men we watching you collectors 👀 LOL.

Have you encountered any ‘collectors’ or have you been ‘obliga-swiping’?

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