Not Wearing A Face Mask Is Actually A Deal Breaker For Most People

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Did you know most people actually care about the people around them?

Humanity shocks us yet again! Tricking us that it’s actually more compassionate than we were lead to believe! Hallelujah!

Turns out most people are pro-caring for your community and your most vulnerable populations! More people on dating apps are actually using it to vet other people out.

Masks are becoming a normal part of dating app pictures and bios! Kind of in the same way Thunberging happened. It’s become a bigger symbol for a value people look for in someone.

I guess like caring for the environment and snipping every plastic ring, the mask, even though it’s “just a small piece of cloth” holds a lot of weight in speaking about someone’s character overall.

As Thea, a Clover reader says “a mask means you care about those around you. Selfless act! 🤷🏽‍♀️”

In fact, 91% of Clover’s Instagram following agrees that someone refusing to wear a mask would be a deal breaker for them. While 9% had no problem with it. Whether that 9% feels that way because they can be with someone who has different views than them, or it’s because they too are anti-maskers or maybe it’s because was just a slip of the thumb! We’ll never know for sure, I guess!

H/T: Metro

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