New Survey Finds Dad Bods Are Majority Of Singles’ Preference!

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Dad bod owners, this is a win for body positivity!

We’ve been stuck inside for a year so our bodies are all bound to change in some way or another!

While the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, it’s easy to fall back into toxic mental thoughts like the need to ‘lose weight’ for the summer or have a ‘bikini body’ (Hot tip: all bodies are “bikini” bodies!)

The good news is though, a little extra weight here and there is not a bad thing when it comes to your dating prospects! just surveyed its members and found that dad bods came on top when it comes down to singles’ personal preference in a partner’s body type!

The results are pretty interesting.

The results:

  • Nearly 75% of singles said they like the “dad bod”
  • Plus, more than 20% also said that body type doesn’t matter when it comes to finding someone. It’s personality over looks for them. You might not get dumped for your looks but according to recent trends, you can get dumped for not taking aCOVID seriously enough.
  • Only 15% of members said they prefer a chiseled body type
  • Of those who categorized themselves as having one, 45% admitted they proudly use #dadbod in their bios!
  • More than 70% of them reported that they started going to the gym more recently to prep for summer
  • 38% of members said they signed up for a gym but haven’t worked out yet!

Are you shocked by the results or was it expected?

H/T: PR Newswire

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