New Study Proves Video Dating Significantly Speeds Up Relationships

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Since the pandemic, social distancing has made it so that all dating is online dating for the foreseeable future (especially if you’re being extra cautious! But a new study recently showed that if you’re looking to speed things up a little, video dating online is actually the best way to do it!

In fact, digital daters can determine if they have a connection with someone after just 30 seconds on a video date!

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The research looked at 1,000 daters and found that 55% felt their virtual relationships blossom much faster than they would in person.

In fact, 45% are more likely to make a relationship exclusive and official if they’ve been on a virtual date.

Plus, 34% of singles are less likely to date multiple people while online dating than they would have prior to the pandemic. Whether or not that’s entirely a consequence of the pandemic is hard to say but you cannot deny that it probably has had an effect.

All we know is: video dating is here to stay!

Thanks to social distancing measures, video dates have increased by 36% with 6 in 10 people admitting that they enjoy this ‘new normal’ when online dating.

In fact, we polled our Instagram users and 100% of those polled said that they LOVE video dating!

So much so, that 1 in 4 singles will continue to video date virtually to screen potential dates long after social distancing measures are gone!

But why does virtual dating make relationships move at lightning speed?

Well, since daters on a video call can determine if they have a connection with someone in seconds, it’s safe to assume everything else from there goes just as fast! But let’s dive into it:

44% of men surveyed said they’re more likely to delete dating apps and focus on one potential partner than they would before quarantine, however just a quarter of women said the same.

Here’s a tip from online dating expert Alix Fox:

“Successfully navigating this brave new digital world takes a little extra effort and imagination, but those are qualities that are prized in a partner.”

Alix Fox, Relationship Expert

Remember to be creative and engaging! You gotta stand out of the crowd just a teeny bit extra while dating online but that’s easy to do when you can be your animated, true self on a virtual video date!

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H/T: Independent

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