New Study Shows Majority Of Women Sext And Use Dating Apps To Find Love

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This new study is the first and largest-known survey of women and sex-tech (dating apps), on a global scale. It was conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and Clue, a Berlin-based female health company.

Over 130,000 women responded from 191 different countries. The study really gives incredible insight on how women around the world interact with dating apps.

Taking into consideration gender inequality, this is what the study found

The most shocking thing the study found was that women in countries with higher gender inequality were more than 4x more likely to sext!

And close to 58% of all women reported sending or receiving sexts which was consistent across all geographic areas. Yes, ladies! Get yours! LOL

“This suggests that more conservative ideals regarding gender roles do not necessarily prevent women from engaging in taboo or forbidden behaviors. This insight opens up an entirely novel line of inquiry for understanding how women navigate social expectations to meet their own needs and desires”

Virginia Vitzthum, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University

So, what do women actually use dating apps for?

Women in higher gender inequality areas were twice as likely to use apps to improve sexual relationships. Meanwhile, women in areas with less inequality were more likely to use apps to learn about sexual relationships.

Which makes sense; if you’re in a place where you can’t express your sexuality as freely, you’ll want to maximize the sexual relationships you have.

And of the 11% who reported using a dating app to improve their current relationship(s), they’ve given three reasons they used it:

  1. Stay connected with someone they couldn’t see irl (5%)
  2. Explore new sexual experiences, such toys or positions (3.6%)
  3. Learn what their partner finds arousing (3.4%).

1/5th of women use dating apps to find partners and 1 in 4 women in North American and Europe can be found on one. Meanwhile, only 1 in 3 women will be on an app in Oceania (including Australia etc).

Ok, and what do they look for on dating apps?

Globally, they looked for:

  1. Short-term relationship (9%)
  2. Chatting/sexting pal (8.7%)
  3. Long-term partners (8.6%)

And even though women in places with higher gender inequality were less likely to use dating apps to find sexual partners, they were just as likely to use apps to find chatting/sexting partners.

“There’s a near-universal desire to seek romantic and sexual connections. With rising access to smartphones, people around the world increasingly form these connections online. The Clue-Kinsey sex-tech survey used the same technology to reveal for the first time how women have adapted sex-tech to their lives, no matter where they live.”

Virginia Vitzthum, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University

It means that women around the world using sex-tech to their advantage which is great news!

H/T: Science Blog

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