New Study Says This One Thing Is What Makes Relationships Last

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We’ve all gone through break up after break up wondering when the hell will our turn come to find that long-term relationship, you know, one that actually lasts. We’ve searched high and low for happy couples’ key to success and well, i guess we’ve now found it thanks to researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany.

Diving into ‘what makes a relationship last?’ they’ve finally figured it out. This is the most important factor your relationship needs to stay strong and happy long-term.

What is the most important factor needed for long-term success?


Yes, playfulness is what’s keeping happy marriages and long-term relationships together. The research explains that as we get older, we tend to forget the fun stuff and focus on bills, running errands, the daily grind; and while all of that is very important, it’s important to not neglect the fun which is what got you two together in the first place.

What is playfulness?

It’s the “variable that allows people to frame or reframe everyday situations in a way such that they experience them as entertaining, and/or intellectually stimulating, and/or personally interesting,” says Psychology researcher René Proyer.

Why playfulness?

Poyer also adds that playful people are “are capable of using their playfulness even under difficult situations to resolve tension.”

“Playfulness helps strengthen bonds with our partners and elicits positive emotions. Those positive emotions, in turn, foster social skills and help us communicate — all of which increase relationship satisfaction.”

Experts say it’s important to make time for ‘adult/responsibility-free” talk and dates! Put the phone bills down, they can pay themselves later. Spend time nurturing the fun and that spark because that’s how you get it to last long-term. And make the habit of trying to keep that playful attitude toward everything, including stressful moments

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