New Study Proves Rituals Are Integral For Strong Relationships

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The term ‘rituals’ sounds a bit more ‘sacrificial’ than what it actually implies.

Any fun tradition or ritual is what keep relationships together! Things like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or even regularly scheduled date-nights are the glue that keep relationships together, new study shows.

Households that celebrate these rituals together have stronger, more enduring long-term relationships than those who don’t.

You can literally make up a ritual that works for you and your relationship. What’s important about rituals is the symbolic significance it has in your relationship.

A small example of a regular ‘ritual’ is signifying Friday as a movie night! Get out the popcorn, crack a beer and although that’s not the fanciest of rituals, it’s the symbolism that matters.

How do rituals play a role in dating, though?

The new study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships reports that the bonding glue that stabilizes relationships starts in the first few months of dating.

When two people date and engage in rituals together, they learn more about each other. And those experiences serve as kind of a predictor of where the relationship is going.

ritual spa couple

Through engaging in couple rituals, partners gain the ability to see a side of each other they wouldn’t see before.

“You get to see a host of behaviors and interactions that might normally be obscured. Some of the ways rituals affected commitment to wed with these couples was by altering their view of their partner, giving them a new perspective.”

Chris Maniotes, lead researcher of the study,

Boiled down: by engaging in rituals, couples will see faster if they’ll get hit with the ‘ick’ or if their love will simply grow with time!

The study:

Researchers dived deep into 48 interviews (48 individuals, 24 couples) to find out how integral relationship rituals are for a long-term relationship.

Those interviewed were on average 23 years old and have been in the relationship for 2.5 years. It is important to note that these people were taken from a previous study on heterosexuals and their commitment to wed.

By drilling down into the impact of rituals, they saw that commitment to wed could increase or decrease over the interaction.

For example, holiday celebrations could highlight how they function with their own families and how they navigate through conflict. This could make you want to deal or dump them, depending on how it goes!

Maniotes added that they “seem to really play a role in pausing and slowing down individuals, helping them take a better look at their relationship. They help them see, ‘this is who we are as a couple; this is who we are as a family'”

It basically can paint a picture of what your future will look like together. One that you might not have been able to see without the ritual.

Need some couple ritual ideas?

  1. Schedule weekly date nights! No matter how small or quaint the date is, the bonding and time spent is so important!
  2. Make sure you schedule out some dinners with no social media/phones or TV! Don’t forget the power of conversation and how that bonds you.
  3. Celebrate what’s important to you. Whether that’s your anniversary, your birthdays or even Valentine’s Day, make sure you celebrate it with full force!
  4. Have movie nights!
  5. Have weekly hikes!
  6. Have daily walks! Whatever! A ritual is a ritual!
  7. Most importantly, have fun and be consistent! Invest in yourselves and your relationship by giving it the proper care and bonding moments! This is the key to a lasting relationship.

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H/T: Forbes

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