New Study Finds Couples Who Meet On Dating Apps Are Keener To Commit

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Ever since the first dating app, people have complained about the multitude of options that feed into a hook-up culture. While that may have been true for a time, a new study has proven that couples who meet on dating apps have stronger long-term commitment goals.

Now, 11 months into a global pandemic, dating apps have been thriving with people unable to meet in real life. And without the option of hooking up, dating behaviors have seemingly changed. However, while the hunt for more commitment might have been exacerbated because of COVID-19, the change had apparently already started in 2018.

The study results

In 2018, researchers from the University of Geneva studied a sample of 3,235 adults in relationships who met each other in the last decade.

  1. Couples who met online wanted to get serious and live together more than those who didn’t.

“The study doesn’t say whether their final intention was to live together for the long- or short-term, but given that there’s no difference in the intention to marry, and that marriage is still a central institution in Switzerland, some of these couples likely see cohabitation as a trial period prior to marriage”

Gina Potarca, researcher

2. Women who met their partner on apps were more likely to want a child in the near future which was more common in app relationships than others.

3. Couples who met on dating apps were as satisfied with their relationships as those who met in more traditional methods

4. Dating apps also encourage more variety and mixing of people with different levels of education.

5. Apps also facilitate long-distance relationships! Broadening people’s nets and chances to meet their true love!

In the end, concerns that dating apps are causing negative long-term effects can officially be put to rest!

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H/T: PLOS One Journal, CNN

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