Millennials Have Actually Brought The Divorce Rate Down WTF?

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Yep, the divorce rate is down because of us.

Millennials are being blamed for something positive, who would’ve thought that was possible in this lifetime?! This time, we’re responsible for driving down the divorce rate, and no, it’s not because we aren’t marrying as much.

This statistic comes at zero shock to me as millennials are the generation of self-awareness and accountability. This is very on brand.

According to new research, the divorce rate has been plummeting drastically and it’s because of us, y’all.

Exact divorce numbers are oddly difficult to get but experts believe that it’s fallen to 24% as opposed to its peak in 1981.

Read that again.

Did something in particular make you go “????” Well, this is the part that blew my mind: ‘exact numbers are oddly difficult to attain.’ Ummm, didn’t we grow up believing that “50% of all marriages end in divorce?”

According to Justin Wolfers, a Professor at the University of Michigan and an expert on divorce in America, believes that divorce rate stat may not have existed but that it’s definitely safe to say that’s not the case anymore, thanks to millennials!

Why has the divorce rate plummeted then?

Seriously though, millennials have watched their parents duel it out in unhealthy relationships and have vowed to not follow in their footsteps. We are the commitment-phobic, hookup-culture loving, love-hating, generation and it’s working out in our favor.

Because of all of these things, millennials are in no rush to settle down and get hitched. If anything, they’re taking their sweet time before making such a big commitment and decision. Aaaaaaand look at the divorce rate, it’s working!

Not only that, but hookup culture is helping lower the divorce rate. We can all agree that hookup culture isn’t for everyone. What’s difficult to argue, though, is that playing the field before you commit helps get that out of your system and you meet WAY more people than you probably would have if you didn’t partake in it.

Millennials have created a new dating formula

Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and senior research fellow at The Kinsey Institute attributes the divorce rate plummet to hookup culture and the fact that millennials have created a new dating formula.

 “Just friends → friends with benefits → introducing someone to our friends → moving in together. It’s this methodical for a reason. Millennials don’t want to ‘catch feelings’ until they’re positive that the person they’re with is someone they could be with long-term. Marriage used to be the beginning of a relationship—now, it’s the finale.”

Helen Fisher, PhD

So, basically, we aren’t turning 20 and getting married to the first person that gives us attention or marrying for the sake of it being good for some weird family alliance.

Our 20s+ are a time to be selfish

We’re taking the time to pay off our loans, become financially stable, accrue some savings, travel the world, figure out what we want, figure out who we are, what we want to do, who we want to be with before jumping into anything with anyone else. We’re learning how to love ourselves first before learning how to love someone else. And because of this, by the time we find “the one”, we are confident in our decision.

Keep on doing the thing, millennials! We’re fixing the world one step at a time: next up, let’s undo climate change. It might be a tad bit harder than this but let’s see what we can do.

Me: The divorce rate is down, now let’s get a world-saving plan together!
Every other millennial:

H/T: Cosmopolitan

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