Men Are More Likely To Be Comfortable Dating In ‘Hot Vax Summer’ Than Women, New Poll Shows

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Remember when the coronavirus first came about, it changed the dating game completely? Well, experts predict this 2021 summer will be hot, hot, hot…in terms of being comfortable with dating again!

Experts predict that since people are getting vaccinated, they’ll try to revert back to dating methods pre-pandemic. This new poll might be hinting at that, too!

And yes, it’s being named ‘hot vax summer’, how perfect.

A recent poll by Morning Consult, which has tracked public sentiment on the pandemic since March 2020, shows that men are noticeably more comfortable dating right now.

54% of US men said they would feel comfortable dating at this moment, while only 44% of women felt that way.


Well, that’s not all, most surprisingly, in the 5 months of polling people, men’s comfort levels stayed consistently high. In fact, the men have never dropped below 40%, while women on the other hand, dropped down to as low as 24% in January 2021.

So how do most people feel?

Know that viral TikTok song about the streets calling your name? Well, pretty much that.

Overall, the sentiment among American adults toward dating has grown positively to 49% which is a record high! It’s also a 13% increase since March 2021 which makes sense, as we see vaccinations become more accessible, people are more likely feel more comfortable to socialize again!

And yep…people are going to have a ton of pent up sexual energy this summer it seems!

71% of people polled by in 2020 said that they did not have sex during the pandemic. Men, more than women, were having sex less frequently, too.

What are your thoughts on this ‘hot vax summer’? Who just can’t wait to get things ‘back to normal?’ Let us know in the comments!

H/T: Insider

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