‘Meghan Markling’ Is Now A Verb And We’re Here For It

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By now, most of us are aware that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are opting out of their royal duties – word spreads fast when it’s about the Royal heckin’ Kingdom, you know?

Some of us, however, may not be aware why.

Well, there’s ample evidence that Meghan was vilified and covered by the press in a biased and unfair manner. So, I mean, I get it. The years of putting aside our own mental wellbeing and happiness to make other people feel comfortable are behind us! Get on board or you’ll literally go nuts on account of OTHER people.

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So, what exactly does it mean?

Twitter user _RyanJesse coined the term this week:

“Meghan Markle, a verb, past tense – Meghan Markled: to value yourself and your mental health enough to up and leave a room/ situation/ environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted.”


The great thing about Meghan Markling is that it can literally be applied to any aspect of your life.

Meghan Markling your way out of toxic relationships: If someone has been houseplanting you for MONTHS and you get the usual “wyd” text like it’s on some kind of schedule, you gotta Meghan Markle his ass.

Used in a sentence: “Dude, Chris texted me last night but you’ll be proud of me. Totally Meghan Markled him and didn’t respond because I knew that was what was best for me.”

Meghan Markling your way through toxic office culture: So, the tech start-up you work for keeps saying the numbers look GREAT month over month and yet you haven’t seen a raise in a year?! Here’s the kicker, they keep giving you foosball tables, beer fridges, and “yoga at lunch” instead? Yeah, Meghan Markle the hell out of there.

Used in a sentence: “Ugh, so there are no Christmas bonuses this year but my CEO just bought himself a new Jaguar. I think Meghan Markling is the best plan for me.”

Meghan Markling your way through a party when your really poopy ex is there taunting you: So, your cheating ex is there, staring you down, laughing an octave too loud because you’re there and it makes you feel really uncomfortable?


Used in a sentence: “Hey girl, I’m leaving. Brad’s here and I honestly would rather dig my eyes out with a spoon than be here, so I’m Meghan Markling it.”

So, put yourself first.

Thanks to Meghan for reminding us to put ourselves first and that no toxic relationship (romantic or otherwise), situation or experience is worth our mental health. Even if you’re royalty and it turns out to be one of the BIGGEST dramas of 2020 (so far, anyway!)

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