Maskfishing: Here’s What You Need To Know About It

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While wearing a mask and staying safe is important during this pandemic, it’s also important to spot some toxic dating behaviors that may be arising out of it.

Maskfishing, everyone, is a new toxic trend that’s been going around in which someone will only use a photo of them wearing a mask. Therefore, hiding their identity which makes scamming people much easier.

So, wait…no masked pictures on dating apps?

No! That’s not what we’re saying.

Having one or two masked pictures is actually a great way to let people know that you’re compassionate and staying safe during this time. But when it’s your only photos available. Then that’s a bit sus and screams scammer (even if you’re not!) Not wearing a mask is actually a part of some new red flags that have been popping up!

“But every time I leave the house, I have to wear a mask. Where else am I supposed to take pics?”

Literally anywhere! Your backyard, at home, in your bathroom, or even in your kitchen! Your pics should showcase who you are and what you enjoy doing, I’m sure breathing behind a mask isn’t the only thing you do in a day!

So diversify your pics! Find out what types of pics are best from an actual dating photographer.

For example, use some from pre-covid times, when you traveled, hung out with friends, and also sprinkle in a few masked selfies to show you care and have fun with it!

Don’t kill your chances of connecting with someone super cool because you only uploaded pics of you in a mask where they can’t see the better part of your face.

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H/T: Forbes

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