‘Locdating’ Is A New Dating Trend Straight Out Of Quarantine

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‘Locdating’ is a dating trend born out of the old saying ‘safety first!’ Which, it’s a goshdarn pandemic, so, it’s a good thing.

Think about life pre-quarantine: you were single and probably not really looking to date people from ONLY your neighborhood.

The world was your oyster, you dated, you swiped, you video-chatted on Clover, you opened your filters to ANYWHERE in the US to find love. But now? You’re probably not doing that, right? (We, and your mom, hope, anyway!)

Well, guess what, this is called locdating and you aren’t alone!

Locdating refers to dating within your location, like very close by you to avoid hopping on public transportation altogether.

In fact, 25% of people are ‘locdating’ according to a study Bumble conducted. They also found out that almost half are ‘less inclined’ to extend their search than they were before the Coronavirus pandemic.

The main goal of staying as close to your location as possible is to mitigate the risk of catching/spreading COVID-19. People who locdate are pairing their search down to within 1 mile of their radius.

This isn’t the first or only big sign of behavioral change in singles since the pandemic broke out. They’ve also been forming ‘turbo relationships‘ under lockdown; creating deeper bonds faster because of the pandemic.


Since lockdown, 55% of people have also admitted they’re looking for something more serious. (Is this the death of the f***boi strategy?)

Yet even though people are looking for more serious relationships and are being more careful with who and how they date, dating app usage still skyrocketed over the span of quarantine.

Clover alone had a 30% surge in new users at the beginning of the pandemic. Being bored in the house has its perks! You’ve got time on your hands and what better way to spend it than by FINDING LOVE!

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