Is The Newest Dating Trend ‘Jibing’ Creepy Or Cute?

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Yes, it’s time for your weekly infodump on a dating trend that may or may not be a trend and that may just be a cute way of renaming something that’s been happening for years. Regardless, ‘jibing’ is currently trending right now and you need to hear about it.

What does ‘jibing’ even mean?

Jibing is the act of accidentally meeting a love interest off a site that isn’t meant to connect people on a romantic level. Let’s say you used kijiji, craigslist or eBay, and met someone off there for purely transactional purposes but hit it off on a different level, that’s ‘jibing’.

The benefit is you already have their number so it takes the awkwardness away from asking for someone’s details… it’s easier to text them and say, “Hey let’s get a drink sometime”

Dr, Nikki Goldstein, Australian Sexologist

The benefits of jibing:

According to Australian sexologist, Dr. Goldstein, people can stiffen up on first dates and not act authentically. Which like, fair, we all know how nerve-wracking first dates can be. You’re trying to live up to your dating profile pic and give the best possible first impression. That shit’s got my palms sweaty already!

Jibing, however, is meeting someone in a more relaxed setting. You meet someone with no expectations or even thoughts of any intimate connection! You’re literally meeting someone to sell your Beats by Dre to, that’s IT!

Is jibing creepy or not?

On one hand, the thought of someone asking me out for a drink after meeting them through what was only supposed to be a transaction is creepy. Unless it’s obvious that we both are HEAVILY flirting with each other, I don’t think I’d appreciate being asked out. But on the other hand, if you meet someone off a site like craigslist and you guys hit it off, why not? I’M TORN.

What are your thoughts on jibing? Do you think it’s more creepy than cute?

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