If You Want A Valentine On Valentine’s Day, Start Dating Someone Today!

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According to new research from Barclays, if people in the UK don’t want to be alone for Valentine’s Day this year, they gotta date someone TODAY (October 7, 2019)! But, might as well apply that to all of us. So yes, I’m talking to all of you procrastinators who also procrastinate LOVE.

If you don’t wanna be alone on Valentine’s Day don’t leave it till the week of! (which like, isn’t what I would call a goal but to each their own, yaknow? We’re letting people enjoy things in 2019).

Their research revealed that it takes at least 18 dates before finding a long-term partner so that’s around 1 date a week which means you need to go on a date TONIGHT to make sure you’re cuffed up for Valentine’s Day.

If you don’t wanna date ANYONE for Valentine’s day because it’s just another day, that’s fine! But, if you missed the deadline and are reading this now (a few weeks before), don’t worry, boo. Clover’s got you.

Find a date (some might even say faster than ordering a burrito) by using the on-demand dating feature on Clover!

Ready to try it? Download now.

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