How To Get The Most Matches Out Of Your Dating Profile

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Alright, you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for Clover! Lookatchu, taking your dating life into your own hands, literally.

Now you’re ready to sit your single ass down and start sifting through that field to find that four leaf clover but where do you start exactly?

Don’t worry, I gotchu, boo.

Use a minimum of 3 profile pictures.

A few pointers:

A) Make sure not all of them are you with sunglasses on. People inherently trust and are more open to meeting people whose eyes they’ve seen.

B) Make sure your pics aren’t just you with the same group of people (because no one will be able to figure out which one is you).

C) Try to include a variety of pictures of you in different social situations. It’s important to showcase different angles of your personality, passions, and life in general in the images you choose.

D) Make sure all the pics have you in it! (Except if it’s your puppy…then you get a free pass).

Basically, think of your pictures as a highlight reel of your life and personality. Who are you? What kind of person do you want to attract in terms of what you have in common? If you want to attract an active person because your lifestyle is active, then include a few pictures showcasing that lifestyle!

Use as many filters as you possibly can (in our app, not on your photos)

Why not optimize your search by being specific with the things you’re looking for? If you know what you want, look for it! Don’t leave it up to chance.

If your ex was a Scorpio (firstly, I’m sorry) and you want to stay far away from them for a while, filter for every other star sign instead! Or if you want someone who makes a certain amount of dough, there’s also filter for that! Clover literally covers all of your bases, unlike that bikini you ordered off a random site that wouldn’t fit a 6 year old.

Actually try when writing your bio (like, for real try)

I know, I know, it’s like homework but seriously fill out that bio! Dating can’t be all fun and games all the time, ‘you gotta work, b****!’ as our Glorious Leader Britney Spears once said.

Not only does your bio give people who are unsure of what to say to you a little help, it also makes you look like a real human being looking for real relationships, whatever the details of those relationships may be. Plus, it gives other people a chance to get to know you before sparking up a conversation, you’d probably like that in return, right?

Give On-Demand dating a spin!

It may seem a bit scary at first glance, but it’s basically the same concept as fast food but with fast people and dating on a whim (that sounds unintentionally cannibalistic, I swear). But it’s really not any different than setting a date at a later time! Give it a chance, you have no idea who you might actually meet on one boring Saturday midday.

Use mixers to your advantage.

It’s a party on your goddamn phone, why would you not use it to your advantage? You can chat openly and freely with a group of people in chat rooms with overall themes and interests that you feel passionate about. There’s no awkward ‘oh god, how do I say hi?’ or ‘does this person like ____ the way I do?’ The fact that you’re both in this mixer solves the latter, the former is solved because you’re in a massive group chat. Just say hi!!! Our Instagram Story Highlight has more explanations about Mixers!

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