Here’s How To Actually Date Healthily While You’re On The Rebound

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Author: Katlyn Peterson

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According to a recent survey by Magnet of Success, the average rebound relationship lasts between 2 and 4 months. 90% of these rebound relationships end. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be dating someone if you feel that you are on the rebound, or if you have recently come out of a long-term relationship. Those rebound months are important to find yourself again and to work out what you really want in a significant other.

In fact, dating someone completely new can be an important part of this healing process, but you need to avoid the common trap of looking for someone that is just like the person that you recently split up with. You also need to make sure that you are upfront with the person that you are dating about where you’re at and your relationship history. 

Learning about yourself

The most important thing about dating someone new is to get to know them. It is also a valuable opportunity to get to know yourself without being part of a significant couple. If you want to move on from an ex-partner, then you need to discover more about yourself. It will ultimately help you let go and move forward. You may be surprised what you learn when you start dating again. Your attitude to when and where you enjoy going on dates may change drastically as you get to try new things. The dating decisions that you make are also solely down to you – you don’t have to consider what a serious partner might feel or think. So if you want to try the new salsa bar, or you want to go to a museum you’ve never been gone to before, now is your chance. In opening yourself up to new experiences you will learn more about your inner feelings and emotions

Be upfront

When you start dating someone new, it is important to be upfront with them. You don’t need to go into any details, but simply by saying to them that you recently got out of a relationship will help them understand the situation. They should realize that perhaps you are not looking to dive headfirst into another serious partnership. This will help to manage both your expectations in a realistic way. You can then just get on with enjoying some fun dates – and you never know where they might lead!

Have fun dating

Dating someone new if you are on the rebound should be all about having fun and opening your eyes to new opportunities. Dating should be a sociable experience that involves great conversation and having a shared enjoyment with someone that you would never have got to meet before. If you have just got out of a serious relationship, looking to start a new one immediately isn’t always healthy – you need time to adjust and heal. So when you first start out dating again, simply looking to have fun getting to know someone, is a good goal to have. 

If you are on the rebound, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try dating again. Just make sure that you are upfront with who you date and look to spend the time with them having fun and getting to know yourself better. 

After almost a decade working in family law, Katlyn decided to take a step back to spend more time with her family. Today, she enjoys contributing to a range of websites, sharing her personal and professional knowledge on the topics that matter to her. 

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