Here Are The Top Cities To Get Lucky In

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We polled users from the US, UK and Canada to find out which provinces, states and cities are the best places to hookup, make new friends, find a date or settle down. The results may surprise you.

New York City and London UK top the lists of cities as the best places to find a long-term relationship. Los Angeles is the hookup capital of the US and Toronto is the best city in Canada for casual dating.


Central Canada is predominately looking for love where the West and East Coast are more casually oriented. The more remote locations in the North seem to show more of an interest in making new friends above all else.

United Kingdom

The UK data shows that most of England is looking for long-term commitments whereas Scotland, Ireland and Wales are seeking more casual encounters.

The United States

The US is especially interesting; the majority of users on the East Coast are looking for long-term relationships compared to a large number of users on the West Coast looking for hookups. Central US shows a very large amount of users looking for casual dating compared to the rest of the country.

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