Have You Gotten ‘Zumped’? You’re Not The Only One

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The rise of ‘zumping’ is very much well upon us. We’ve been, roughly (globally), 2 months give or take in self-quarantine. And just as we’ve found surefire, instant ways to connect with each other to stay social like houseparty, Zoom nightclub sessions, video calls for dates AND work meetings, etc. We’ve also been quick to the draw to create a brand new way to dump people: Yep. On Zoom. Or FaceTime/video. If you get dumped over ANY video call, it’s called getting zumped, and it’s okay, bb.

In fact, we polled our Instagram users and 71% got zumped and you know what, we bet it’s a dumping method that’s gonna stick.

This term popped up when Julia Moser on Twitter thought she was the first person in history to get zumped, and although we’ll never be able to fully say, all we know once her tweet went viral was that she’s definitely not alone.

What are your thoughts on zumping? Is it better than a text message? Let us know in the comments!

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