Have You Ever Heard Of Hypergamy? This Is What It Means To “Date Up”

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You’ve proooobably never heard of hypergamy.

Hypergamy is a term used to describe the practice of dating or marrying richer people who have a higher social standing than them, as Kanye so “eloquently” put it, “gold diggers”. This controversial practice isn’t well liked everywhere…

Buuuuut it also isn’t anything new. It was practiced in Ancient Greece, Imperial China, and India. It’s just something humans do and have done for years.

“But, it’s 2019, aren’t ALL women feminists?” Well, no but it’s not even about that, some are but also support hypergamy.

Take feminist author, Chidera Eggerue. She only dates men wealthier than her because she wants a man to take care of her.

Is it biology?!

Plus, being attracted to rich men may in fact be tied to biology because women have always needed someone to help take care of their young.

“As someone who belongs to the group who are responsible for my oppression and in a world where for every dollar you make, I make 79 cents, it doesn’t make any sense for me to be pouring water into the ocean, going half on bills.”

Chidera Eggerue

Although on the surface Chidera’s stance may seem anti-feminist, in my opinion, feminism really just boils down to choice and autonomy, and as long as a woman has a choice to “date up”, then more power to her.

Dating up while on dating apps

Just like anything, if you want to find it, you gotta search for it!

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What are your thoughts on “dating up”? Let us know in the comments!

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