Grande-ing Is A New Dating Trend, Yes It Is

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Alright, so a lot of you probably know where this is going.

Obviously, the new dating trend we’re talking about has to do with her no. 1 hit Thank U, Next. You know, that catchy earworm that makes you feel like an empowered, independent, recently single woman (even if you aren’t one).

Source: Grazia Daily

Not only is this song a flippin’ bop and a half but it’s inspired many others to follow suit with their own heartbreak.

The new trend is called Grande-ing which is to take a breakup in stride, with dignity and to use what you went through as a learning experience, instead of something that leaves you bitter and resentful.

And of course, most of you are thinking that this way of thinking has to have been around prior to Ariana Grande’s existence and yes, yes it has. But the point is that it’s worlds away from typical break up anthems. It’s a song that resonates with us millennials who are always looking for ways to grow, better ourselves and hold ourselves (and each other) accountable. Plus, this anthem and way of thinking can apply to many aspects of our millennial lives.

Case in point:

A way to thank all the fictional characters we’ve fallen in love with over the years on and off Netflix.

Source: Grazia Daily

But really, Grande-ing shines light on a very healthy way of looking at the end of a relationship. It basically makes it cool to cope with heartbreak in a healthy and constructive way.

The only way to succeed is to learn from our mistakes and failures and do differently in the future, and your exes really can play a positive role with your self-development and partnership skills.

Julia Bekker, a matchmaker and relationship coach

It takes most people years to figure this out but if more people apply the Grande-ing method, not only might it help heal your heartbreak quicker but it might not scar you as much for future relationships.


H/T: Huffington Post

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