Farting Is Actually Healthy For Your Relationship, Here’s Why

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Farts. They’re the best worst thing ever.

They can smell terrible and some are hard to trust but more often than not, they feel OH SO GOOD.

So, here I am, bringing news of joy that farting in front of your significant other doesn’t have to mean you yeet yourself off a cliff from embarrassment. In fact, just let it out! Your relationship will thank you later (just maybe wait at least like…6 months before you do).

How long should I wait before farting in front of someone?

Well, in 2016 Mic surveyed over 125 people in their 20’s and 30’s and asked them all things farts. 29% of those surveyed let it aaaallll out between 2 and 6 months, meanwhile 7% say they absolutely will NEVER fart in front of their SO.

But, really, there’s no solid timeline for something like this. Fart in front of your partner if you want to when you’re comfortable to. That’s it.

And if you feel comfortable farting in front of them, that means your relationship is in a good place, tbh.

So, wait. Why is farting good for my relationship?

According to Mic, farting is a sign that true intimacy exists in the relationship!


‘Farts are just funny,’ someone said in the survey. ‘Once you understand each other’s sense of humor and you can relate on a more personal level, it becomes easier to deal with these funny natural occurrences […] Bringing it to light in a relationship is just a small hurdle.’

Which means that that 7% who refuses to ever fart in front of a romantic partner is potentially missing out on quite a bit!

Jamie Hergenrader, editor and writer for Women’s Health backed up this claim saying tooting once in a while may be worthwhile, because ‘if you’re building a relationship, it can actually strengthen your bond.’

Farts are basically the physical, stinky equivalent of inside jokes in the way that they strengthen your bond. So let one out once in a while, it’s good for your relationship’s health! (And your own, holding shit in – literally – is terrible for you!)

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