Experts Say If You’re Going To Hook Up With Someone, Wear A Mask.

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Are you laughing? ‘Cause I was too. At that point, neither of you are going to have the desire to want to do anything sexual to begin with because COME ON. But really, if you’re gonna do it, you should be safe!

Researchers at Harvard know people are going to start hooking up because, duh, time? So, their recommendation? Wear a mask and avoid kissing!

“They can’t be seri-…” Oh, yes they can

If you read our piece on sex and COVID-19, you’d understand more context on why they’re serious. But in essence, you should have been trying to avoid and should currently be avoiding sharing close spaces with anyone who isn’t living in your household (yes, unfortunately that means cuties off Clover have had to wait).

Now, it’s been roughly a couple months give or take since the beginning of quarantine on a global scale, and researchers are smart and know humans are gonna wanna do the nasty at some point, especially after a long isolation.

And since we all know that abstinence and masturbation are still the surefire ways to not catch COVID-19 through a hook up. At the end of the day, we’re still humans so here are the real guidelines they recommend:

  1. Minimize contact by minimizing number of sexual partners, no serial dating
  2. Avoiding sex with partners with symptoms, which is duh.
  3. Avoid kissing
  4. Avoid sexual activities involving semen (so like, def wear a condom)

The study popped up at the perfect time when the UK announced regulations making it illegal to have sex with a person who lives outside of your household.

Stating: ‘There is a gathering when two or more people are present together in the same place in order to engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or to undertake any other activity with each other. No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place outdoors, and consists of more than six persons, or indoors, and consists of two or more persons.’

What are your thoughts on this law? Is it going to work?

H/T: DailyMail

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