Emojis: The Most Popular Ones By State To Get A Text Back

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Can't blame gravity for falling in love, download Clover!

Thanks to 2020, dating got a whole new makeover!

Dating went from online dating/apps being a niche, personal choice to the only dating choice there really is (thanks to social distancing!)

For this purpose, Clover examined interactions from its dating app users to find the BEST (and worst) emojis are to break the ice.

In addition, we’ve compiled a heat map of the the hottest emojis to use in your state!

What are your thoughts on the emoji differences between states? Let us know in a comment or follow us on Instagram: @thecloverapp

Use one of these emojis (at your own risk 😉 ) on the Clover Dating app and see who bites!

If you’re media and want to reach our Editor, email Moira Ghazal at social @clover. co

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